Malamergo is formed by José Hernando -composerand vocalist- and José María Marco -guitarist, with different professional careers, but with a common interest: MUSIC. It may well be there are other thingsto share: the friend and the brother, in addition to some genes ourgrandparents must have left laying around...

    JOSE HERNANDO (Cetina-Zaragoza) started performing in the seventies, following in the footsteps of those singers-songwriters that have setmusic to the words of our poets. In those years he was part of groupLA DALLA together with José María Marco and Joaquín Hernando, adapting songs from various authors of that time, specially those from Aragón.
    After several years voluntary pause, he discovered new horizons in 1998, setting music to texts from J.A. HERNÁNDEZ, JULIO QUÍLEZ, TERE DOMINGO, JUAN GONZÁLEZ, M.BENEDETTI, LORCA and J.HIERRO among others, trying to reach diverse audiences through poetry.
    But is with the new millenium when José Hernando makes a leap forward to find an intensely personal voice and a music characterized by a great variety of rythms and harmonies that try to go beyond the established conception of the classical singer-songwriter.

    JOSE MARIA MARCO (Cetina-Zaragoza) started in the seventies with group LA DALLA making new versions of Aragonese authors, and at the same time he also participated together with Joaquín Hernando in an electrical guitar group. In Zaragoza he took part as soloist guitar in several symphonic rock groups such as ACME, which registered some tapes at the beginning of the eighties. With a solo demonstration tape in the eighties, and after an almost twenty years playing pause, he reencountered José Hernando at the beggining of the new century. He started participating in his concerts as guitarist, contributing with musical settings and guitar solos - both electrical and Spanish guitar- as well as voice.